Monday, January 22, 2018

Game Review : Ame No Marginal (Rain Marginal)

Dear All, 

Now, I would like to talk about short but beautiful and sad visual novel. It was called Ame no Marginal (Rain Marginal). Well, why Rain ? Well, basically Rain (water) is one of the biggest part of the game. This game was written by Tomo Kataoka, the same writer who write Narcissu. This game sort of prequel for his light novel Mizu no Marginal. But you don't have to read the novel to enjoy this game. The game is quite short so it was refreshing to play short game in a while. 

This game have two main characters. Man who doesn't want to live but also don't want to die. Another one is girl who have already lived for about 1000 years. Both of them live in different era and different place, but somehow their path conversed in white and vast world. I try to give as little spoiler as possible. Anyway, the story is simple. You just play it from man POV, then continue with the girl POV, and then back to man POV, and so on. At the end, both story combined into one and provide very sad ending and happy epilogue. 

For information, it was really short. I finished the game just around 3 hours. But there's also bonus game included, which is Narcissu 1 if you want to play it. But from what I know, Narcissu 1 and 2 is free in Steam. So that makes it quite moot. Back to the game, I like the premise. I mean it's rare to play the game in which the main character is adult and quite suicidal. And the story was quite mysterious too and it attract you from beginning. There's voice acting for the woman but not the man. Don't know why. The not good part is the graphic and music is quite simple. Well, you can say that this is low budget game. The story is the only one that stand out from this game. Unfortunately developers decide to make this game short instead of normal game. 

Anyway, this is good game but short. I recommend this game for visual novel lovers who have spare money. Get this game on sale unless you have lot of money to support developers. 

Rating : 6 of 10 stars


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