Friday, June 30, 2017

Film Review: 5 to 7 (2014)


A married woman named Arelle meet writer Brian Bloom and they agree to meet at 5 to 7 pm. Later they have affair and they have to decide where their relationship is ahead to.


This story is unique. At first I was doubt when I read the synopsis somewhere, yet I still try to watch this film and I did not regret it. This film is beautiful. A French woman who married to French diplomat and have 2 kids fall in love with young writer. She support him to be a writer. They have affair and love each other. Though in our society this kind of love would be called 'affair', but Arielle think she is truly feel love at the first time. She feel she did not love her husband and she thought its just youth mistake.

When Brian decide to be Arielle husband, she finally refused because she has commitment to her husband and her kids. Yet they still keep their love for each other. Brian publish book about "The mermaid" which is inspired from Arielle and Arielle keep put the ring Brian gave her. It is very romantic yet matured love. I like how Arielle and Brian connect to each other. They are really complement each other.

I really recommend this film if you like romance film.

Rating: 8/10

Best regards,


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Korean Drama: Dong Yi (2009)


Dong Yi is low born girl who lost his father and brother due to incident that blame the sword fraternity which his father is the leader at that time. Dong Yi determined to enter the palace and find the cause of her father and brother' death.


This is the longest Korean Drama I watched recently, it has 60 episodes. I mainly watch because of Bae Soo Bin who acts as chun soo, Dong Yi' protector and brother. As usual, his act is no doubt brilliant in this series. Han Hyo Joo as Dong Yi really done her job really well. She is beautiful and really suitable as Dong Yi.

In the beginning, the seer told consort Hui that she can reach the top position in palace but she will always become the shadow of the girl who has nothing but will get everything, if she meet this girl, she better not to fight head to head with this girl, because she can not beat the light from this girl, as long as she lived, the light will always shine, who later we know this girl is Dong Yi. As you see the drama tell about the palace politics between consort Hui and Dong Yi. At first she liked her intelligent and later feel threatened with Dong Yi especially when she realized that king loved Dong Yi very much and she feel abandoned and bittered.

The 60 episodes told about the struggling of Dong Yi, how Dong Yi who is coming as slave in Music bureau and later she promoted to be lady investigator and later became Consort Chun, but she refused to be a queen. She preferred to leave outside palace and do something to help poor peoples and bring justice to them.

This series also tell the love story between Dong Yi and King, How King pursue Dong Yi and want her to be his royal consort. The love story itself is bittersweet with some humor, you will not get bored. At first, Dong Yi did not know that he is the king because he said he is the justice officer. Later she knows and their love story continued to grow.

If you really liked romance or historical drama, you should watch this drama, its worthed.

Rating: 7/10

Best Regards,


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Film Review : Detective Conan The Crimson Love Letter (2017)

Review : 

This is the second time I watch Detective Conan movie. Actually I don't intend to watch this movie but since I get free ticket, I decide to watch this movie. Besides I am quite impressed with Detective Conan The Darkest Nightmare. The graphic is simple but the song and story is quite memorable. I don't know why but it seems mandatory for Detective Conan movie to follow certain pattern like grand explosions at the beginning and end of movie. Still I like it. Personally I prefer The Darkest Nightmare than this one. Not to say that The Crimson Love Letter story is bad, it just I like Tohru Amuro and Dark Organization oriented story more. 

The main characters are Heiji and Kazuha. Detective Conan fans must already familiar with them. In this case, Heiji and Kazuha have to deal with murder case involving Karuta game. Besides there's another player named Momiji Ooka, who claimed to be Heiji fiancee. The story is your typical Detective Conan story but longer since there are several murders and mystery. To be honest I am quite surprised that Crimson Love Letter box office surpassed the Darkest Nightmare. Personally I think in terms of story, The Crimson Love Letter is quite ordinary but everyone have different taste after all. 

Anyway, I recommend this movie for Detective Conan fans and anime fans. The story is simple but quite fun and enjoyable regardless. 

Rating : 3.5 of 5 stars. 


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Game Review : Orwell

Review : 

Orwell is my newest game. I bought it at Steam Summer Sale 2017. It was sale with 50% discount. No I am not buying it on impulse because I already play it with demo. And the demo impressed me. I think most developers should provide demo for their games. That way people would be willing to try it and if they like it buy it. Anyway, Orwell is game about surveillance. Basically you are an "investigator" trying to investigate Bonton bombing case. Unique name isn't it ?! LOL. Anyway, the game is very intuitive and user friendly. So no need to worry how to play it. Basically your job is to provide Orwell with "data chunk" regarding the case via website, chat, phone, PC. Some time, there are also conflicting "data chunk" that depend on our choice can affect the outcome. And I like the idea, that we are also part of the story. Well I cannot say more without spoiling it. 

Anyway, that is the picture of Bonton. Quite simple but beautiful. I like the graphic. Unfortunately, that's the only one. Most of the time, we just scroll inside Orwell mainframe and interacting with our advisor Symes. In total, there are 5 episodes that we have to play to find the culprit and get our endings. Overall, there are 3 major endings with little minor one. At this time, I only managed to get one ending because I need to replay it from episode 1 (maybe ?) if I want to get the other endings. Maybe next time. 

Unfortunately, despite the uniqueness, I think it was quite short. Maybe about 5-6 hours (excluding replay). It would be great if developers make longer episode and more complicated story. Make it more dramatic or something like that. More office politics and dilemma. Maybe I just have high standards. Anyway, I really recommend this game for people whom like to play with unique and great story with multiple endings. But some people may be put off by so many texts. So better to try the demo first to find whether you will like it or not. 

Rating : 4.5 of 5 stars. 


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Book Review: In flight (up in the air series) (2012)


Bianca Karlsson meet James Cavendish in the first class cabin. They immediately attract each other sensually. Bianca has violent childhood and she determine to overcome her fear and be with James.


This series is BDSM love stories between James and Bianca. James Cavendish is womanizer and strongly attracted to first class flight attendant Bianca Karlsson. I thought I would enjoy this book like I enjoyed Fifty Shades series or Crossfire series, but seems I did not enjoy this series as those two series.

Here are my points:
  • James Cavendish is not a hero man for me, he seems to be a good business man according to his conversation to his subordinates yet is not clearly mention what the nature of his business. I only feel he is just sex maniac.
  • It only mention that James' guardian had sex assault him by giving him something like sleeping pill so he will not realize what his guardian did to him. Is this affect him much to be BDSM addict? If yes, he should go to shrink like Christian Grey or Gideon Cross. Yet he does not have any shrink and either so Bianca. Bianca herself is child abuse survivor by his father' violence behaviour. Both of them should go to shrink in my opinion. Yet both of them just buried their past and have constant sex as their release. I don't think this is healthy for their future relationship.
  • The books itself is BDSM theme like Fifty Shades series. Yet this series is more hardcore BDSM. BDSM is not my scene, yet I still enjoy Fifty Shades series. I feel disturbed by this hardcore BDSM in this series. I really think both of them just purely lust to have sex, I don't feel any love only lust. If you don't like BDSM, I don't think this series for you, especially this is hardcore BDSM. James himself is addict to threesome according to his ex submissive and he likes to pierce sensitive part of his favorite submissive, can we trust him to be good lover? honestly I don't think this guy could 180 degree change by couple of months.
  • I think this series is lack of actual problems. I know Bianca' father still hunting her and Bianca even contact police and the police even release Bianca' father. She finally decide to tell the truth about his father' crime toward her mother and there are some annoying James ex' submissive like Jolene or Jules. I still feel there are no serious danger in this series. 
  • If you like steamy and hot sex, this series just for you. This series contain of very much dirty talks rather than romantic words.
The series itself has good writing and will keep you going if you don't mind with hardcore BDSM or constant sex and dirty talks, this series is for you. This book is all about BDSM and sex.

Rating: 3.5/5

Best regards,


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Book Review: The Air He Breathes (Elements #1, 2015)


Both Tristan and Elizabeth lost their love ones. Tristan lost his wife and son in the accident that he think he is the who's responsible and Elizabeth lost her husband and her father. They met in unfavourable condition and they hope they can overcome their past and find happiness together. could they?


I found this story is too dramatic and dragging. I want to love the book, but there are couple of things I wonder..

1. If Tristan is so fucked up and isolated and keep feeling big guilty emotion in himself, why he don't tried to talk to someone or therapist? Why he just being asshole to peoples as one of his release?

2. Elizabeth also same either, she thought therapist were supposed to help you move on, and I didn't want to move on. I yearned to go backward (chapter 15), I thought Elizabeth better seek therapist too? At least Elizabeth is better, she realized she need therapist just did not want to.

So, I get both of them don't want to move on and tend to stay in their past memories. First, I thought I start to enjoy the story when Tristan and Elizabeth start to make love each other as if they did with their old lovers. But then, Problems comes like Tanner who pursued Elizabeth like crazy and Elizabeth husband is the one who drives car and crash Tristan' wife and son. I don't like how dramatic and emotional Tristan. He is not my favorite character. He is too childish to overcome his own issues. I think he needs time to settle himself before he can take care and settle with Elizabeth. Honestly, I am not sure that if Tristan loves Elizabeth if he can't love himself well.

I am thinking to read other books in this series.  This first book does not really convince me to read the others.

Rating: 3.5/5

Kind regards,


K-drama: Temptation of an angel (2009)


Jo Ah Ran married to Shin Hyun Woo in order to revenge her parents dead that caused by Shin Hyun Woo father. She wants to ruin Shin Hyun Woo family business. Jo Ah Ran herself is in relationship with Nam Joo Seung. Jo Ah Ran tried to kill Shin Hyun Woo several times then until one day, Shin Hyun Woo successfully escaped from Ah Ran Trap and running away. He do plastic surgery and change name to be Ahn Jae Seung. Ahn Jae Seung is very attractive man and determine to revenge what Jo Ah Ran did to him.


This is the most complicating and twisting Korean drama I ever watched. It is thriller drama, which is not really my scene. The story itself like cat and mouse, one put the trap, the other has to find out and tackle to survive. Jo Ah Ran determine to revenge and kill Shin Hyun Woo and he tried a couple of times to survive from Ah Ran' plan.

I watch this drama because Bae Soo Bin is my favorite korean actor and I am not regretting it. Bae Soo Bin as Ahn Jae Seung act like attractive man who is successful and romantic. I am not enjoy the cat and mouse trap itself but I enjoy Bae Soo Bin acting. My favorite episode is at episode 17 when Ahn Jae Seung asked Jo Ah Ran to dance in the middle of night, and he said as long Joo Ah Ran follow him, everything will be alright. Though I know its just Ahn Jae Seung' fake drama to trap Joo Ah Ran, still if its real, it is pretty romantic scene.

The ending itself is twisting where Yoon Jae Hae apparently is Joo Ah Ran sister, so Shin Hyun Woo can't marry her. This is not happy ending drama. It's a drama that full of vengeance, hatred and ambition.

Rating: 6.5/10

Kind Regards,


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Game Review : Cinderella Phenomenon

Review : 

I really like this game. At first, I thought this is just another otome visual novel in which we have to choose our love interest. But, that's not the case here. This game have great and sad story. The characters are interesting. The visual was stunning and the music are amazing. I really like it. Really memorable. 

Basically most characters are curse with fairy tale curse. Our job is to free them from their curses and save the kingdom. There are five routes that you can choose. Each route have two endings (good and bad) depend on your choice. At first you can only choose 3 routes which is Rod, Karma, and Rumpel. After finishing 2 of 3 routes, the other 2 (Flitz and Waltz) will open. The developer recommend you play Rod, Karma, Rumpel, Flitz, and Waltz first in term of story line. My favorite route is Waltz. But the saddest one is Flitz. My least favorite route is Rumpel. Maybe because he is different from other potential love interest. Anyway, Prepare some tissues before playing ^^.

The game is free on steam. I cannot say thank you enough for the Dicesuki (developer) who make it free. I will most likely buy their next game if there's one. You can also get the game via Cinderella Phenomenon

There are more great songs. But these two is the one I like the most.

I really recommend this game for people who love visual novel or want to try visual novel game.  

Rating : 5 of 5 stars


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Film Review : Wonder Woman (2017)

Review : 

I already anticipating this movie from a long time because of Chris Pine. Maybe you don't know but I am his fans since Star Trek movie release. I watch this movie on the opening weekend and really like it. It is very great. At first I am not really sure whether Gal Gadot is the right actress to play this role. But now I can say that Gal Gadot is one of the best thing about Wonder Woman. Maybe because she is fighter herself (serving in military for 2 years). 

The story itself is pretty simple and straight forward. Of course there are twist in the end. But it was not surprising. Maybe because it was less dramatic. After all the focus is on the action. Remind me about Xmen.

Unfortunately there are still certain things that can be improved if it want to compete with Marvel super hero. It lacks emotional impact. I feel sad but also not sad at the same time. The music is pretty ordinary. Nothing memorable. Even the ending is quite simple. I can understand why. Maybe because they haven't decided what's happen next. So, they play safe at the expense of no suspense. 

Anyway, I really enjoy it very much. I really recommend this movie. 

Rating : 4.5 of 5 stars



Friday, June 2, 2017

Book Tour : Sovereignty by Anjenique Hughes

I used to think I knew all the answers; now I no longer even know the questions. - Goro

Book Details:

Book Title: Sovereignty by Anjenique Hughes
Category: YA fiction, 262 pages
Genre: Dystopian
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Release date: July 19, 2016
Tour dates: May 15 to June 2, 2017
Content Rating: PG (No F-words, no sexual content, only one kissing scene and mild profanity)

Book Description:

I used to think I knew all the answers; now I no longer even know the questions. - Goro

Under the totalitarian reign of the 23rd century's world's government- The Sovereign Regime- control is made possible by the identity chip implanted in every human being, recording everything that is seen, done, and experienced.

No more bank accounts.
No more smart phones.
No more secrets.

When Goro inadvertently overhears an exchange of sensitive information, causing him to confront the truth about his world and prompting him to choose his true loyalties, his dream of revolution kicks into high gear. Goro doesn't know he has covert intel in his possession both the SR and the resistance movement are desperate to acquire.

Determined to attempt the impossible task of bringing down the world government, he and his closest friends gain access to the key to ultimately deciding who has sovereignty.

But who will get to Goro first: The resistance or the Sovereign Regime?

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Meet the Author:

With master's degrees in education, special education, and counseling, Anjenique "Jen" Hughes is a high school English and math teacher who loves teaching and mentoring young people. She enjoys traveling and has worked with youth on five continents. Saying she is "young at heart" is an understatement; she is fluent in sarcasm, breaks eardrums with her teacher voice (students have complained when they were within earshot), and cracks sarcastic jokes with the best of her students. Her work with ethnically and socioeconomically diverse youth has inspired her to write books that appeal to a broad variety of students seeking stories of bravery, perseverance, loyalty, and success.

Connect with the author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook

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