Sunday, July 28, 2019

Nobunaga Shimazaki

Dear All, 

It have been a very long time since I last write in this blog. I am really sorry for that but I have no intention to abandon this blog. Now I want to write about one of my favorite seiyu (Japanese voice actor). His name is Nobunaga Shimazaki. Yes, he shares the same surname with popular Nobunaga Oda. Because of that, he was often teased by his friends. According to him, the name was chosen to bring luck. Anyway, he certainly have that luck. 

Nobunaga Shimazaki was born on December 6th, 1988 in Japan. He is from Miyagi prefecture. Right now, he is affiliated with Aoni production, one of the biggest seiyu agency in Japan. So far, he has good career with Aoni. You can see that from his role. Several of his best roles are Haruka Nanase (free!), Ace of Diamond (Satoru Furuya), Black Clover (Yuno), Parasyte (Shinichi Izumi), Fate/Grand Order (Ritsuka Fujimaru), Fruits Basket 2019 (Yuki Sohma), and so many more. You guys can see his complete filmography at Nobunaga Shimazaki. He has good voices that makes people want to keep listening to his voices. His hard work and talent certainly not go unrecognized. He wins best new actor at 7th seiyu awards. He is also one of the guest for Otakon 2019. Despite this, unfortunately he hasn't make the career in Singing yet even though he has sing many character songs before. Hope his collaboration with Gakuto Kajiwara with song "possible" can become a new beginning for his singing career. 

Nobunaga Shimazaki often been called Zaki by his fans and friends. Since Nobunaga Shimazaki is cheerful and smile often, he has many friends in seiyuu industry. One of his best friend is Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. He also loves to play gacha and tweet with nearly 1 million followers. He is well known for spending a lot of money for FGO. Hope it worth it. For people who want to follow him, his tweeter account is @nobunaga_s . He likes to tweet about many things. 

I think that's for today. From now on, I hope I can keep posting more often. Thank you for all the support. 

Best Regards,