Monday, March 19, 2018

Film Review: Crooked House (2017)


One man died in the house after being injected insulin by his wife. Charles Hayward determined the killer before innocent people get arrested


Charles interview all peoples in the house to determine the killer of Aristide Leonides. After his wife being arrested, the house is in chaos, Charles himself in distress, because he feels his wife is not the killer. Eventually It was Josephine who killed Aristide because he refuse to pay for her ballet reasons.  Josephine also faked the attack on herself and poisoned her nanny when she suspected her. Lady Edith read Josephine' notebook and want to spare his granddaughter life in psychiatric institution and save the rest of the family. Edith herself is diagnosed with cancer earlier, so she drives her car over the clifftop and quary killing herself and Josephine.

This is one of the best story by Agatha Christie. I always admire work by Agatha Christie. I started suspicious Josephine is the suspect after seeing his weird and too smart and critical behaviour as a kid.

This is a good detective film, the plot is good and easy to follow.  I recommend this film if you liked detective or investigation film.

Rating: 7.3/10

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