Saturday, March 24, 2018

Game Review : Magical Eyes Red is for Anguish

Dear all, 

I am glad that at last I can finish another good game. At first I plan to play light game but it looks like that light game or pure moe game is not suitable for me. So, I try another chuunigame which is Magical Eyes Red is for Anguish. I find this game have similar feeling with Sorcery Jokers.

Maybe from the name you can infer that this game is about magic and battle. When I play this game, I already know that this is not a complete game because another game Magical Eyes Blue Indigo Heaven are being developed. So, I try to lower my expectation. Still I find it quite good. I mean it's similar with clockwork Ley Line that even though it is just one part, it still feels like complete game. Anyway, the story tell about battle between Disobeyer and Variant. You can call Disobeyer an entity that solving problem created by Variant. And it's not clearly explain what is Variant. But from what I know, Variant is death human that still have big emotion when they died, so the "feeling" become variant and possessed other living humans to wreak havoc in the world.

The game have quite unique opening. I mean the opening is quite mysterious that your instinct know that you gonna play it until the end. I really like it. To be honest, I don't quite understand what the opening is about. Since this is not the complete part, I can guess it tell about origin of Disobeyer or Variant. But that's just my guest. The graphic is quite good too. Remind me about Dies Irae graphic (someday I will play and review Dies Irae but not now since it is a very heavy game).  And the game play remind me about Sunrider Liberation in which we can choose to just play the main game or also other scenarios. I like it. There's also reasoning mode. I don't understand why the need for reasoning mode. I thought it's gonna be challenging. But no, it is very easy. The game itself is not too long considering it is just one part. Still I think it was shorter than Clockwork Ley Line one part. It is quite let down. But don't mistake it with being shallow game. I find the story is heavier than some other visual novel that I play. Even the ending show bigger things will gonna happen. 

I really like all the characters even the bad guy. I mean for me there aren't annoying characters. Even the heroine and kids are quite lovely. But if I have to choose, Azuma (police) take the cake. I think he is quite badass in his own way. The song itself is quite ordinary. But some scene has very nice song. Unfortunately there's no song in extra after I finish the game. It's worse than Sorcery Joker. Hopefully, someone can upload it in the youtube. Anyway, some of you may wonder what the tittle "Red is for Anguish" mean. At first I thought it was about the main character eyes turning red or something like that. But it was nothing like that. The truth is quite sad though. You will have to play the game until the end to know the meaning. It really worth it.

Overall, I really recommend this game for chuunige visual novel lovers. It is very good. Cannot wait for Magical Eyes Blue Indigo Heaven.

Rating : 8 of 10 stars


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