Monday, May 1, 2017

Review: Forever Rose (2017)


Alessandro Santini back to year 1737 because of supermoon event that open the portal to go back to years behind. He met Rose Estes. The portal only open every fourteen months. While back in 1737, he learns a lot about Rose and her family. Suddenly there is an accident that almost take Rose' life, Alex had to go back to his time to obtain medicine to save Rose in time otherwise he will lose her like he lost his late wife.


Alessandro Santini is a doctor in his time which is year 2037, he personally had rough past time. He lost his wife because he could not save her in time. He had been through therapy, but the pain still in his heart. One day, there is supermoon phenomenon that open the portal to different time. He accidentally go through that portal and back to year 1737 and met Rose Estes. He likes her at the first sight actually and as the time passed he learnt that there is some people wants to take Rose' life. the first attempt is at their meeting and later when Rose' life in danger, Alex had to go back to his time to obtain the medicine in time and come back to 1737 to save Rose, otherwise he will lose Rose like he lost his late wife.

Actually this story is different from what I had imagine when I read the synopsis the first time. I was thinking the story is about a man that can go back and forth to past and future not a man that is trapped in 1737. This story is historical love story. Around page 100, I still not sure where the story's going and around page 837 Alex just be able to back to his 21st century time to get medicine for Rose. I found this novel is pretty boring. the story is pretty slow and it makes me bored. I hope the story could be more dynamic so even its historical it won't feel bored.

The writing itself is pretty good. I understand the whole story. I understand the pain that Alex felt and How he notices Rose pretty well and how they like each other. If you really into historical love story, this book is for you.

My rating: 3.5/5

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