Monday, May 22, 2017

Book Review : Dangerous Brains by Erik Hamre

Synopsis : 

Brilliant computer scientist, Vladimir Sorovis, is packing up his office when his day is interrupted by a military helicopter carrying a highly unexpected guest.

Ushered to a secret location deep in the Nevada desert, Vladimir learns how his former employer, billionaire and serial-entrepreneur Andrew Kevorkian, has been siphoning off hundreds of millions to fund a clandestine deep tech research lab.

Now the Government holds grave fears for what Kevorkian may have created at his lab.

With world order as we know it at stake, Vladimir and a select team of AI-experts are catapulted into a race against time to understand exactly what they are dealing with.
Things, however, are not always what they seem…

Review : 

This is the first time I read story from Mr. Hamre and I can say for sure not the last time. Really great science fiction story.

First I want to talk about the characters. Actually I like all the characters except their names. But of course it was just me. Anyway, the main character is Vladimir Sorovis. He is star engineer working at defunct Neuralgo, brain mapping company. One day he get surprised visit from Head of DARPA because of his involvement with Kevorkian. And the rest they say is history.

Well, I will be honest. At first this story doesn't really interest me. You can say that I have reader block at the time. Don't know why I just cannot finish it, until one day I decide that I have to finish this. And I can tell for sure that I am glad I did it. The story is unique and interesting. It keeps you hook until the end. The ending is really unpredictable. Still there's some mystery left but I can tolerate it because I really like the story. My only critique is the story was quite narrow. I mean I can understand that it want to focus the story only for certain things. But it was done at the expense of making it less grand and quite unbelievable. And the lack of epilogue doesn't help either. Still I appreciated the author efforts to make great science fiction and unpredictable story.

I really recommend this story for all science fiction lovers. Cannot wait for Mr. Hamre next book.

Rating : 5 of 5 stars


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