Tuesday, May 16, 2017

K-drama: Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy (2009)


Go Eun Sung and his autism brother were devastated by death of their father and they have to survive on their own. Later Go Eun Sung saved a rich grandmother who impressed with her personality and wants to give her inheritance to Eun Sung.


This is a modern cinderella story. Go Eun Sung need to take care of her autism brother and live on their own selves after being chased out from house by her step mother. Later she meets old grandmother who apparently own Jin Sung Enterprise and wants to give Eun Sung the company as inheritance.

This drama is focus on family story and square love issues. It is quite complicated yet interesting drama. I like all the castings for main role, they really suit for their roles. I like the strong characteristic of the 4 main roles here. Eun Sung is a kind girl who likes to hard work and help other peoples. Hwan is arrogant boy who is very bossy. Seung Mi is a kind girl who loves Hwan and like to do anything just to get Hwan even bad things and Park Jun Se is mature man who likes to pursue his culinary career and protective of Eun Sung.

The story of this drama is pretty unique and I like the connection between Hwan and Eun Sung. They firstly meet because of luggage exchanged issue and later Hwan hates Eun Sung because his grandmother wants Eun Sung to inherit what actually belongs to him. During the process, he starts to feel for Eun Sung and fall in love with her. I like how this drama is taking their connections slowly and not rushing. We can see simple things Hwan did for Eun Sung each episodes. Every episode has something new to happen, this drama keeps moving with each episodes. The only thing I want is I hope this drama has more humor, more funny scenes instead of more tense and sad scenes.

Hwan and Eun Sung relationship starts from hate become love relationship. They disliked each other before fall in love. If you like this kind relationship, this drama is absolutely for you and definitely should be in your list.

My rating: 8/10

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