Friday, May 12, 2017

Game Review : Top Secret

Dear All, 

Currently I am playing game called Top Secret. What ? Top Secret ? What kind of secret ? Well, I know about this game from Kickstarter on 2015. This game was developed by James Long (indie programmer). It just recently released for public. 

What kind of game Top Secret is ? 

Maybe you guys have some idea after seeing the picture. There's several big radars and a building. Guess what is the connection between big radar and building. Well, it turns out the connection is TOP SECRET. The secret collected by NSA (No Such Agency ??? LOL). 

Well, in this game, you played as Senior Intelligence Analyst in NSA. You were given task to find who leaked secret NSA material to Journalists. According to James, this game was inspired by Snowden Leaks. There are 2 ways to play this game. You can play it using real email (with internet connection, real time messages, and real time encryption). Or the simple one, you can play it using computer without internet and immediately (using Fast Forward button of course). 

You can see from the picture about. You will get several emails. You have to reply them and from there, you have to find clue. Depending on your reply, it will affects the ending. From what I know there are 4 endings. All this time, I only get 2 endings. Good ending and worst ending

Anyway, the game is quite short. I really mean it. You can finish it less than 30 minutes (of course if you are playing real time, it will take 2 weeks in effect). Overall, this is an interesting and unique games. Unfortunately, it was quite simple and straightforward. Despite multiple ending, actually there are not many choices you can take. You just keep following the story. It would be much better if it was longer and more unpredictable. Anyway, I kind understand the programmer difficulty with that case. Still with enough time and resources, I think it can be implemented. One bad point that I've noted is the game was not released on Steam. So you can only get it via developers web page. The good points is I learned about PGP encryption. So, I can be a little mysterious and secret. Haha

Anyway, I still recommend this game for espionage game lovers. I hope in the future, there will be more and more game played via email. It certainly is very interactive. You can get the game here Top Secret

Update#1 : I already get the 3rd ending. Now I want to change my mind. It looks like 3rd ending is the best one. Because ... well I cannot spoil it right. Cannot wait to get the 4th ending ^^

Update#2 : I can say for sure 4th ending could be your dream comes true or your nightmare depending on your opinion regarding Snowden leaks. 

I am glad that I already found all the ending. Still it doesn't change anything about my review. 

Rating : 7 of 10 stars


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