Friday, May 12, 2017

K-drama: Jealousy Incarnate (2016)


A love triangle between Pyo Na Ri, a weather anchor with her fellow Lee Hwa Sin and Lee Hwa Sin bestfriend, Go Jung Won.


This is one Korean drama that I really feel like to review after Another Miss Oh. I watched some korean drama in between but none really capture my heart. I watched this during my lunch time at this website. I do not have much expectations, but the drama getting more interesting each episode and without my realization, I become addicted to this Korean drama and I love the ost soundtrack of this drama so much. The ost of this drama could be found at youtube.

The story of this drama is pretty simple, Pyo Na Ri had 3 years crush on Lee Hwa Sin, but Lee Hwa Sin always ignored her. Lee Hwa Sin bestfriend, Go Jung Won Likes Pyo Na Ri. Pyo Na Ri always be at Hwa Sin side whenever he needs support. Like when he diagnosed with breast cancer, Pyo Na Ri is always help him and at his side. Slowly Lee Hwa Sin developed feeling for Pyo Na Ri.

What I liked from this drama is its pretty focus on the main characters and the relationship between Pyo Na Ri and Lee Hwa Sin seems natural and slow-but-sure, unlike recent Korean drama which relationship is moving too fast. Although I do not know any actor playing this drama, I have to admit they all have good acting that keeps me going to watch this drama.

What I do not like from this drama is sometimes the story feels like too dragging for couple of episodes, total episode is 24 and with that simple story, Couple of episodes should be combined into one instead of couple of episodes. This love triangle is so simple yet many unnecessary problems or details get into it.

The ones that always be the end of episodes are always about this love triangle scenes that arouse curiosity, nothing else. Yet, this still feel interesting. This drama also suitable for mature audiences. The problems in this drama is pretty heavy like breast cancer and infertility issues. Both Pyo Na Ri and Lee Hwa Sin looks professionals at their job which makes us see them as professional news anchors instead of actors.  I recommend this drama if you like simple love triangle romance. The story is easy to follow and the acting of actors will capture your mind.

My rating: 7/10

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