Saturday, May 6, 2017

Book Review : Emergence by Nick M Lloyd

Synopsis :

The Gadium have been ruling the galaxy for millennia, manipulating probability to ensure their continued domination.

On Earth, Jack Bullage survives a horrendous car accident.

Reporter Louise Harding has a score to settle with Jack. She investigates all the options, even the most unbelievable ones.

How did he get to be so lucky?

The Gadium have the answers. They know why Jack is special. It’s just evolution; he’s developing the ability to ‘ride the parallels.’

This could herald Earth's Emergence, a new era, an end to its isolation in the galaxy – but Gadium approval is not assured and Jack may be evolving too fast for their plans.

Review :

It's been a long time since I finished my last book. To be honest the cover doesn't really appeal to me, but somehow it makes me check the blurb and I am glad I did it. It turned out the story was much better than the cover.

First I want to say that there are several main characters. Don't let the blurb make you think Jack is the only main characters. Actually I thought Gadium commanders are the main one. People who watch anime Tytania will understand what I mean. On one side we have earth people like Jack, Louise, Jeff, Bob, James, etc. On Gadium side we have Justio, Aytch, Jenkins, Sharnia, etc. Their lives interact and influence each other. I will be honest the science part is too deep for my brain (or maybe I am just too dense to understand it ? LOL). Anyway, I just skip it and continue with the story. I don't know whether my lack of science knowledge affect my understanding of this story or not. But, certainly it would be better if the author make the hypothetical science much more simple.

Anyway, the story itself is very interesting at least the premise. It just that there are too many characters with different point of view but lack of function. I mean it feels like they are there just for the sake of being there (or to scramble our brain ??? LOL). I always love story with different point of view from different characters, as long as it doesn't make the story too long. Unfortunately in this case, I feel the story was dragged because of unnecessary different point of view that led to nothing. Basically it sacrifice quality for quantity. Even I believe it affects the ending. After certain pages, you become impatient with the story and just want to know how it will end. There are certain things that was not explained clearly. Maybe you need to reread it again and again to completely understand it. Or maybe you don't because that's just plot hole. I don't know.

For all of it's good and bad, I still recommend this book for science fiction lovers because it was unique and well ... still quite mainstream. Cannot wait for the sequel because the conflict certainly intriqueful and the author left the ending open for next installment.

My rating : 4 of 5 stars


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