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TV series: This is Us (2016)


The Pearson' family story revealed in emotional drama.


I was intrigued to watch this series after I saw many good reviews and that is really true. This series story is simple but is wrapped in so emotional ways and so much feelings like happiness, sad, joy, triumph and love. This series is really captivating. I was caught up in the first episode and can't wait to watch next episodes.

This story tell how Jack and Rebecca has triplet babies but lost the 3rd baby and at the same time, suddenly there is a baby who left in the fire station and brought to the hospital where Rebecca give birth to both babies. They agreed to adopt the baby and named him Randall. The story tell about Kevin, Kate and Randall. The plot kept back and forth between their childhood and their present life.

Jack called them the big three, let's check on them one by one:
  • Kevin Pearson: Kevin Pearson is an actor. He's famous of his series, The Manny. Kevin has lifestyle such as famous handsome actor, He has fancy car, hook up with girls here and there, having threesome with sexy girls and he lived in fancy penthouse. His characteristic is easygoing and friendly, which makes it easier to attract girls. He takes everything easy, never really take something into his heart. He cares about Kate so much. Kate is his twins. Everytime he asked Kate to go eat somewhere, he always the one who's paid for Kate, which later this behaviour annoyed Toby as Kate' fiancee. Toby thought Kevin acts more like her father/husband instead of a brother. He married once with his first love Sophie but later he divorced with her, because he was caught cheating with other girl. Though he still hook up with other girl during their on and off relationship, his love is always for Sophie.
  •  Kate Pearson: Kate always had issue with obesity. Since she was kid, her mother Rebecca always complained she can't eat too much for healthy issue. Sometimes she'd complained that she feel hungry because she only eat fruits. Kate works as Kevin' personal assistant. She is considerate towards peoples. She treat Kevin and Randall the same. She always had a thing for her mother, Rebecca. She envied her, she always think Rebecca is better than her, in form of singing and appearance. Later she found true love in Toby. They meet each other in social community centre (obesity). She feels Toby can accept her as the way she is. They find happiness in quirk ways possible, they support each other and bring the best out of each other. They are solid too, when Kate had miscarriage, she can make it with Toby. Toby is jealous of Kevin' presence, so Kate separate herself living in LA while Kevin move to New York. She lived together with Toby and both of them are planning to get married.
  •   Randall Pearson: Randall is adoptive son that Jack and Rebecca found in hosptial she was giving birth to both Kevin and Kate. Randall is black, so he always feel different from his siblings. Randall himself is an observant and perfectionist. He feels nervous when things go not as his planned. Everything must in order to his plan or he will get breakdown. Since he was young, he noticed that black people often get discriminated, that's why he worked so hard to be success. Randall work in company in Wallstreet, he is very good with numbers. His job need his analythical skills of complicated numbers. As a perfectionist, he makes sure his wife and his two girls are happy. He basicly wants good home and good career for life. When he found out about his biological father, he tried to approach him and that is the beginning of his perfect life falls apart.
There are a lot of up and down, a lot troubles to drift them apart yet they draw them closer together.
While watching this series, I get the messages that it doesn't matter how success or rich you are, the one that matters that you have sincere peoples by your side when everything in your life falls apart. Its about how you loved peoples and being loved, how you cared people the way you want to be cared. Love itself that make difficult life bearable. Life is always uncertain, anything can happens, its just how you sort yourself and get up.
There’re a lot of emotional stuffs, so far it makes this series nice and enjoyable to watch.

Rating: 8.5/10

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