Saturday, February 10, 2018

Game Review : Sorcery Joker

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I am glad that I can write the review about Sorcery Joker as soon as possible. This can only happen because I really admire the team behind this game. I give my biggest applaud for 3rd eye. I don't care what people say about this game. For me, This is one of the best visual novel game I ever know. 

Sorcery Joker tell story about 6 protagonist in which their life linked with each other. Basically they are divided into 2 camps which is Caster and Outcast. Caster is someone who can use magic and abide by government rule. And outcast is what you can say like freedom fighter who oppose government rule. Besides, there are also people who cannot use magic. Overall, this game tell story about the fight between people who support magic and oppose it. I cannot say more because it will spoiled the story. 

This game is the newest game that I play. I mean it was released near end of year 2017. So there's no excuse for developer for bad graphic, song, and features (if there's any). And from my experience, I can say for sure that it really deliver what I want. I mean amazing graphic, amazing song, amazing story. More so, it was beyond my expectation. The characters are sympathetic. I mean I really like all characters even the bad guy. It was superbly crafted. There are 2 protagonist in this story. But you don't have to choose one of them. You have to play both of them. 

The first one is Mutsumi Haruto. He is student from Academy (school that teach magic). He has high moral about justice. He is your loyal and naive hero. But during the course of game (experiencing real world problem), he developed into more realistic person that understand there's no truly right or wrong. The other protagonist is Amabuki Senri. He is your typical cool protagonist. I really mean it. At first, I feel indifferent toward him. My first impression, he is quite arrogant. But in fact, he is humble and smart. I mean unconsciously you root for him to win because he have that kind of charisma. You can say he is the opposite of Haruto. Surprisingly, I care and support both of them. 

No matter how great the graphic, song, and characters, the most important part is still the story. Sorcery Joker story really hook you from the beginning. There's nothing slow here. There's nothing useless in this story. Every part of the story was necessary for the bigger plot and character development. And the song really emphasis it. There are 3 songs that I really like in this game. Those are embrace, origin, and the truth. Unfortunately, I cannot find those songs in You tube. I feel sad that I cannot share those songs in this blog. I can only hear it from the game. One of the reason I still haven't uninstall the game despite already completed it. 

Anyway, I really like this game. Even after finished it, I still cannot forget it. There are not many game that make me feel like this. This is surprising since it was licensed by Manga Gamer (whom used to license light visual novel) instead of Sekai Project. I really recommend this game for visual novel fans. Hope I can play another game from 3rd Eye.  

Rating : 10 of 10 stars. 

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