Thursday, February 8, 2018

Game Review : Ever17 The Out of Infinity



Dear All, 

It looks like a dream comes true when I find that I can play this game because from what I know no one sell this game anymore. Still, I take what I can get. So what special about this game ? One reason I play this game is because it was developed by the same team who made Root Double. Since I know how amazing Root Double, I have no doubt about Ever17 quality. 

Ever17 is one of most popular visual novel game in Japan. It was part of Infinity series made by compan KID (unfortunately now has bankrupt). Still, it managed to make impact in Japan visual novel game industry because of the use of science fiction to make compelling and beautiful story. If I were not mistaken, this game was released on 2002 in Japan. At first I thought the graphic would be dull but imagine my surprise when I find that the graphic is quite good and the song was emotional. I mean it have been 16 years since released. It can hold its own compare to current visual novel games. So I really enjoy playing it. 

Ever17 : The Out of Infinity is the second series of Infinity series. Basically Infinity series tell about science fiction story involving player as "god" (If I am not wrong). Well, I cannot really dwell in it because it would be a long story. The story tell us the protagonist being trapped in LeMu underwater park in Ingsel Null (island). Because of certain accident, they cannot get out in time when there are evacuation. Worse, they only have 7 days to get out before it would completely flooded because of water pressure. Anyway, at certain point in the story, you have to make a choice that will determined who will you play. There are 2 protagonist that you will play (as Takeshi or Kid). You will have to complete 4 good ending. And only after that, you can unlock true ending. 

The characters are amazing. I mean they have their own personality and back bone. After going through 4 routes, you get a sense of each character and their personality. And depending on your choice it will affect whether you can complete the 4 ending or not. If you don't want to guess whether your choice is right or not, I suggest you to use the walkthrough. I am not ashamed to tell that I use walk through because I get bad ending at the first times ^^.   The song is quite amazing too. I mean I really cry at certain scene because it was touching. And the song really amplifies it. I doubt I will cry without the song. The voice acting is good. Actually I don't really like Hoshi Soichiro voice because it was quite "cry baby" but it grow into me in the later scene. 

The highlight of this game is the story. There are many mystery in the game that will only get answered if you get the true ending. I will be honest, it was quite boring to play the same scenario four times with some difference. Fortunately for the same scene, you can use skip function. I find that I use skip function often to waste no time. What surprised me the most is the inclusion of us player as Blik Winkel (4th dimension being) and time paradox concept (to be honest I don't really get it how time paradox work). Anyway, it was satisfying experience playing this game. 

Overall, I really recommend this game for visual novel lovers. I can attest that it was classic and timeless even though 16 years have passed. 

Rating : 9 of 10 stars


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