Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Book review: Midnight Blue (2018)


Alex Winslow had bad accident that caused his life in turmoil. He plucked the grammy statue from his fellow british singer William Bushell. He humiliate Will Bushell because he took Fallon his girlfriend from him. His agent hire a babysitter for him, Indigo Bellamy to take care his attidude during his world tour.


Alex Winslow arrested because driving under influence (DUI) and possession of cocaine. This guy is alcohol and cocaine addict. During one grammy award, he took the grammy statue from his fellow Will who won the grammy, he did it out of jealousy because he didn't win and he lost his girlfriend Fallon to Will.

As we can see, Alex' behaviour is uncontrollable. He hates Indigo because she restraint his freedom, she overlooked him at anytime. His drummer Lucas seems to like Indigo and Alex feel jealous and start to show his feeling to Indigo, he likes Indigo actually.

I think Alex has serious problem with his parents. He didn't have any respect for his parents. He didn't call them mom and dad, he called them by names. He cursed them many times, using the words like "fuck, shit, cunt, bloody hell, pig, pussy" Those are rude words he used in front of his parents.

He is also arrogant, he hate Lucas when Lucas tried to approach Indigo. He always said they are all on his payroll, he paid their salary. So, he has authority to do whatever he wants with them. Honestly, I don't know what Indigo'd seen in this guy, I personally think this guy is just asshole and is not reliable. I don't really care his wealth or his popularity, it all means nothing if you don't have good manners.

The book itself is boring for me, the plot is slow and I don't get any feeling from this story. I don't think I enjoy reading it.

Rating: 2.8/5

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