Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Film review: Spider-man homecoming (2017)


Peter Parker returns home and live with his aunt May. He becomes neighbourhood spiderman under Tony Stark guidance. He has crushed on Michelle his school friend, he later found out that vulture is michelle' dad has terrible plan and peter determined to stop his plans.


Watching this spider-man is like turning back time to spiderman before andrew garfield era. Maybe around tobey macguire era. The spiderman suit he had is just like cosplay contest and later tony stark gave him better spiderman costume.

He is acrobatic and he able to make spiderman liquid chemical for the spiderweb. What I like about this film is that this film is like down-to-earth storyline, the story is pretty clear in this film without super hi-tech weapon or enemy. What I don't like is this film is too old fashion, I expect this film to be more modern or at east better than andrew garfield spiderman era.

I think this film is suitable for kids and pre teenager. This film is for introducing spiderman to those who never exactly knew who spiderman is. Yet, I think if you watch tobey macguire or andrew garfield spiderman, you will not surpise of this film. I think this film is still good to watch because it has good storyline and plot, actors also good and entertaining.

Rating: 7/10



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