Thursday, August 17, 2017

Game Review: Mobile Legends


This is not so new game moba 5 vs. 5. This game is booming right now and getting bigger and bigger. They will conduct the grand final southeast asia at Mal Taman Anggrek 1-3rd September. They already have qualification later in each country to have total 8 teams. The total prize is $100,000 USD total. Which details as below:

Prize Pool Distribution:

Champion: US$50,000

2nd Place: US$25,000

3rd Place: US $ 10,000

4th Place: US$6,000

5th-6th Place: US$3000 * 2

7th-8th Place: US$1,500 * 2

I thought it should be divided by 5 as each team has 5 members. Lets say US50,000, so each member will earn US$10,000. It is quite a lot for gaming competition.

Last time when elimination contest to select 2 teams in Jakarta, Gandaria. The champion no 1 get IDR40,000,000, so each member can earn IDR8,000,000 (8 million IDR), 50,000 diamonds (to buy skins and stuff in game) and handphone OPPO. It is quite a lot for gaming competititon. This game is absolutely earn a lot that they can give total price USD100,000 in competition.

I played this game since around february and I have to say I enjoyed pretty much. But lately I have burn out to play rank games, because it seems hard for me to continue to raise my star ranks. Especially if I have bad teams or rude teams. Currently I am at Epic rank and I want to take rest, because no matter how hard I tried to push Legends, I am always stuck at Epic. I am grateful to be at Epic, at least I tried hard to be in Epic :)

This game is pretty competitive and need right teammate and strategy. When you lost rank game, you will lose stars too. I recommend this game if you really liked dota. I never played dota but I heard it is similar to dota, the difference that this is mobile, so you could play anywhere you feel comfortable.

Unfortunately, though this game is pretty competitive and addicting, the lagging always bother me. I need to stay near to the wifi router everytime I played this game, because this game need really a lot of internet data bandwith. Some friends decide to retire this game because they can't afford to purchase a lot of data internet.

My rating: 8/10.

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