Sunday, August 13, 2017

Film Review: Everything, Everything


Madeline had immuno-deficiency disease  meaning she can't go out from the house this 17 years because she will die if she affected with virus or bacteria from outside. Later she saw a guy from neighbourhood named Olly, he gives her his number and they begin to contact each other since.


Maddy likes Olly, the boy from neighbourhood who likes to notice her since the first time. He sent the cake to her house and gives her his number. Since then they contacted each other. Olly always convince her that although she sick, she still can experiences what healthy people experienced, love.
they're kissed and they texting each other.

Oneday, Maddy said to Olly that she wanted to see the ocean. Later, Olly decorated her room with all of oceans wallpapers. Maddy run from house to Olly and they both go to Hawaii. Maddy became sick in Hawaii and have to go hospital, later she come back home. Maddy received call from hospital from Hawaii and she found out that she never really had STID the autoimmune deficiency disease, it is just her mother scenario that she sicked and she need to be always at home. Her mother become protective of her because she did not want to lose Maddy again after losing her father and sibling. Later Maddy come to New York to reconcile with Olly.

I thought this story is too impossible to be true. I mean what kind of mother to treat her daughter that way, her daughter not even can have proper school. I don't think Maddy' mother really care the future of her daughter. This is the teenager love story, this is still good love story, with good actor and actress, this is entertaining love story. I recommend any teenager who likes love story to watch this film.

Rating: 7/10

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