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Book Review: Stuck-up Suit (2016)


Soraya Venedetta saw suit guy in the train which he left his phone behind, when Soraya returned his phone, he figured out that Graham Morgan does not even want to thank her in person. Both of them engage in a relationship. Later Graham found out that he had a daughter from his ex fiance and his ex fiance is just being a widow. Graham need to sort out his mess between his feeling as being a father to Chloe and his feelings to his ex fiance who betrayed him and his love for Soraya.


The beginning of story was interesting, I get caught up in the beginning when Soraya had trust issue to Graham over her past trust issue with her father. Soraya' father left her mother to remarry and had new family. She still had pain in her heart when her father chose to accompany Briana, his step-daughter over to accompany her to school event.

When finally, Soraya feel she can trust Graham. Problem comes from Graham side, that he just found out he had a daughter named Chloe from his ex-fiance Genevieve. Genevieve betrayed Graham and marry his best friend, Liam. Genevieve hide the truth that Graham is the father of her child for four years. After Liam' death, Genevieve tried to get Graham to be a family again with Chloe as his biological' daughter.

Soraya had to decide whether she can accept Graham and Chloe or to cut Graham from her life and move on. Soraya did not want what happened to her life, happened to Chloe. Soraya felt that her father forget about her and her sister and give more care to his new family and Soraya did not want that happened to Chloe. She wanted Chloe feel safe and loved from her and Graham.

I have to admit the writing and the storyline is pretty interesting and caught me up. I read this quite fast, because it is a easy reading novel and what Soraya do will have my mind wandered time to time. There are few things I wondered about the main man, Graham Morgan.

Graham is an asshole, no doubt. He is no hero role for me. he had changed 42 secretaries in 2 years! What a prick, of course. This man is not capable of respecting other people, can't even keep someone capable under his wing. Mostly his subordinates just resigned within short period of time and he keep nagging there is no one competent to work for him. His receptionist just work for 2 years. I get the impression that 2 years is impressive period of time to work under Graham.

Honestly, I don't believe that a man who can't treat his staff with respect can give his respect much to his girlfriend. I don't talk about love here, I talk about respect here. You don't need to be in love to respect someone else. Although the receptionist mention that he changed a bit while in good relationship with Soraya, but keep his anger and hard attitude back once he is in bad mood and causing his staff to resign. I mean, for real how long the sexual tension between Soraya and Graham can last? Seriously, this guy need to sort his shit out, better have professional if needed and not sex.

I am happy when the story ended with them having a son together, but still I can't believe Graham really changed to be less asshole or less prick. Soraya just accept it when Graham said, he did not treat her like he acted asshole to his staff. I mean, can you really just trust the asshole acted man in short period of time? I still wonder how they assume they are soulmate for each other in short period of time and a lot of sex.

The conclusion is Graham is not my favorite hero character. This book is worth to read, you will get caught up in the story and the plot and writing will never get you bored, it will get you hooked. Yet, since Graham is not my favorite hero man, I decide to write this right away because I think I might want to forget him soon as I can.

Rating: 4/5

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