Saturday, August 5, 2017

Book Review: Until it fades (2017)


Catherine Wright save Brett Madden' life from tragic car accident. Later she found that Brett is Hockey captain star and her life is changed much after that. Although being chased by reporter is not a life for Catherine yet she could not resist her feeling for Brett Madden.


I want to write this book review after I finish this book, I keep the feelings for days because I have not find right time to write this review. Let me start now..

Catherine is a 24 years old single mother who works as a waitress, she has difficult past time, she dropped out from high school due to incident with Scott Phillips, her art teacher. Which caused her to drop out from high school and works as waitress because she found out she pregnant with baby girl Brenna.

Seven years laters, she saved Brett Madden in tragic car accident after her horrible blind date with Gord Mayberry. She lost her car because her car is burned together with the accident car and her wrist is sprained, so she find hard to continue work as a waitress. Later, Brett Madden come to her house personally and show his grateful.

Since then, they keep contacting each other. It's just sweet looking their text each other. Brett is handsome and flirty, while Catherine is careful because she does not want to fall in the same hole like her past. Catherine does not want Brett to be her side because he feel obligated. She wants Brett by her side because he wanted to.

I really like Brett Madden character, he is kind, funny, generous and flirty. This is a fairy tale romance but it is well written and good story line. I think this is one of the best romance book I read in 2017. K.A Tucker is definitely one of my favorite author.

Rating: 4.5/5

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