Monday, August 29, 2016

Perfect Couple by Li Qi

Dear guys,

Here another song that I also really likes. Enjoy

If this fated love was meant to meet (R)
Still why there is so much pain (R)
Is there something covering your sights (R)
No longer cherish the things I've done (R)

If two gracious hearts were meant to love (R)
So why there is so much grief and sorrow (R)
Is there something blocking my footsteps (R)
You are free as the heart no longer in pain (R)

Even a match made in heaven can encounter hardship (R)
Do not worry too much on what's right or what's wrong (R)
Do not give up this lost love (R)
Grasp your hands tightly through my days and nights (R)

Fortunately you came back to me
Otherwise I'd have gone to the end of the earth till I found you
I'll never abandon you

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