Tuesday, August 30, 2016

K-drama review: Another Miss Oh

Sometimes, what we do not expect will have outcome beyond expectation. This is what happen when I watched this K-drama titled Another Miss Oh.

Here is the fact: I bought a lot of K-drama, watched and finish very few of them. If I found the Kdrama is not interesting, i will stop either at beginning episode or middle. Just can not stand myself to finish it. Yet if i really like the K-drama, i will watch over and over again and hard to get over with.
The last sentence I said had done me right with this K-drama Another Miss Oh.

I have famous K-drama dvd by web browsing, like Descendent of the sun (dots), pinocchio, love rain, marriage contract, etc. Actually I even did not finish watching Descendant of the sun (dots), forcing myself watch until middle episode and I feel really bored and I can not force myself to finish the drama. Frankly said, I even did not shed a single tear when watching Dots, same as well as pinocchio, and the others. So the scene is I bought a lot of K-drama in one day and did not finish all. The reason because it really did not touch my emotion and thought.

Since then, I learnt to just buy one K-drama. So if I did not finish it, I feel not really so wasted. So, I asked the shop retailer which drama is good, she told me that the last drama she watched is Another Miss Oh. So I bought it according to her said.

I just started watch this drama few days ago and still could not get over with this K-drama, because it is so good. I was crying, laughing and smiling while watching it. This drama really played my emotion well. Its really touching. Its beyond my expectation. I just expect to watch this drama to accompany my lunch time, meaning just as I have something to watch while eating. Yet, I was crying in episode 2, when Oh Hae Young told Park Do Kyung that she is been dumped by her ex fiancee.

Sometimes, I watched Kdrama, because I like the actor, like I watched some of Bae Soo Bin dramas, because I like the actor not the drama. But this is different. I don't even know the actors/actress in this Oh Hae Young drama. I have to say that they are really good actors/actress. They suit well.

The story is pretty simple. There are two woman named Oh Hae Young. The pretty Oh Hae Young dump Park Do Kyung on the day their wedding and the other Oh Hae Young getting dumped  by Han Tae Jin. Park Do Kyung ruin Han Tae Jin because he misunderstood by thinking his pretty Oh Hae Young to be married to Han Tae Jin. This is romantic comedy stories that will not get you bored.
The soundtrack is really good too. Its just really match the drama.

I still really not fully get over this drama after finish watching it 2 days ago. Even the soundtrack still whirling in my mind. It's just really recommended, this is really good K-drama you should watch.

My rate: 4.8/5

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