Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Life

You ask me about my life
My life full of pains and sufferings
Pains hurt the heart
Sufferings kill the soul

I cannot escape life
Life I am not living
People say life is fair
Fairness I cannot see

I cannot become free
Trapped in world without love
Flying to the star is my dream
Dream I want to reach

Many smiles are too little
Few tears are too much
Sadness and regrets are the only things I feel
These feelings stay in my heart

I feel for every moment
Moment that feels very empty
But emptiness is not in my heart
My heart only echoes my feelings

Someone say life is about choice
Choice I rarely have
Happiness is one thing I want the most
Still it won't come to me

People told me to keep my hope
Hope is necessary to continue life
I really do not have other way
Even when it is the last thing I can do

My best friend said I should not give up
Acting is the only way to survive
Still I cannot mask it any longer
I may choose to run away from my life


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