Monday, August 29, 2016

Can't Be Said By Zanilia Zhao & Wallace Huo

Dear all,

Nowadays, I like this song and the lyrics. I feel it is very sad and beautiful. So, I want to share it with you guys. Hope you like it ^^

Your hands
Unlock my chains
Making me spin into this tender whirlpool

Storm over thousands of feet
Time extremely wasted
Affection has never been changed

A tie over a lifetime
A thought resulting a catasthrope
Still insist in repeating the mistake

In this moment of time
Our togetherness of a lifetime
Is vanishing into thin air

Fall in love with you is falling into an error (R)
Lose you I have lost my soul (R)
Ridiculously fate made a fun of us (R)
No escape from this world or the world to come (R)

Not it is cannot be said (R)
Because I am afraid to say it (R)
A step into a smile (R)
A step into a sorrow (R)
A step into the destined calamity (R)
which turn into a moth darting into flame (R)

Because fall in love with you (R)
I have lost myself (R)
Let everything scattered to the wind (R)

Not it is cannot be said (R)
Because I shall not say it (R)
Embracing each other with commitment (R)
Please don't blame my weakness (R)
Our love is not permitted (R)
Forsake myself and protect you to live (R)

Because fall in love with you (R)
I become who I am (R)
I will sink together with you (R)

Tittle                  : Cannot Be Said (The Journey of Flower OST)
Composer          : Zhenhong Mai
Lyrics by            : Lijing Qian, fresh Guoguo, Jun Rao
Film editing by   : Hui Song
Singer                : Wallace Huo, Zanilia Zhao
Producer            : Lijun Tang


  1. Terimakasih kasih baget atas terjemahan dari lyric lagu ini, karena sangat meninspirasi bahan novel


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