Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Adult colouring

Hi bloggers, i hope you all have a good day today.
Today i want to talk about my latest hobby, colouring
yes i really like do colouring. It helps to be mindful.
Although i am still beginner at this, i will learn to color better and better.
You could try to start do colouring too, the famous colouring book is Secret Garden, 
you can start from there. you will love the book, The pic on left hand side is one of Secret Garden page. I love Secret Garden and you will too. 
Usually i use Coloured pencils and pens to do my colouring.
Coloured pencils is a safe choice if you worry about smudging.
Pens has more vibrant colour as you see my colour on right hand side.
Its all about choice, you can try both and choose which one is better.
Last but not least, enjoy your colouring!



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