Thursday, August 10, 2017

TV series review: Big Little Lies (2017)


One dead body found on the bottom of the stair and there is no suspect behind this incident. This series based on the novel Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. Madeline Mackenzie, Celeste Wright and Jane Chapman are friends, they have kids whose go to the same school. One day Anabelle found get hurt, and she point at Ziggy, which is Jane' son. There is no real evidence of who really hurt Annabelle.


This is the best tv series I watch in 2017. The characters are detail and so real. The plot and the story are unique and really good. It makes me want to watch each episode without bored and want to finish this series, because it is just so good.

Madeline Mackenzie is full time mom with two daughters, Abby which she shared custody with ex husband Nathan. Madeline often get annoyed seeing Nathan with new wife Bonnie. Later Madeline has affair with a married man but decide to come back to her own family, because she thinks she has happy family. Madeline is a good friend for Celeste and Jane. Even introvert Jane can open to Madeline.

Celeste Wright think Perry Wright is a wonderful husband. She always describe her husband is wonderful. Perry Wright has good career and they both are passionate for each other, have wonderful home and twin kids. Whereas look like wonderful family, Perry Wright has his own demon, he likes to abuse Celeste to get him enjoying sex in anger with her. He always initiate physical abuse before having sex with his wife and Celeste thinks she enjoyed it because she thinks Perry really passionate of her and love the family. Perry always gave her many gift as remose compensasion but after Celeste' bruise dissapeared, he starts the violent behaviour again and again.

Jane Chapman just moved in with his son, Ziggy. Ziggy' father is not in the picture, because Jane was raped by one man which she did not remembered. Jane always worry Ziggy has violent soul from his father. Jane is introvert and she often had nightmares. She likes to run or just some me-time alone to release her stress, especially dealing with Ziggy violent accusation from school.

This is unexpected, I did not realize who is behind Annabelle' bully until it reveal by itself. Perry Wright is deserved to have the consequences of his act. He is an abuser and a liar who put many womans in danger. Lucky for Jane, of course Perry lied his name, but if Perry get married with Jane, her life would be like Celeste. This is good story actually. I really can't wait for season 2. I absolutely gonna watch season 2.

My rating: 9/10

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