Thursday, August 10, 2017

Game Review : Fault Mile Stone One and Two


Review : 

Fault Milestone One and Two is two visual novel games. I play these games on PC (Steam). For the sake of this review, I will review both of them together. Maybe for people who have read my review about Cinderella Phenomenon will understand that currently I have fever addiction for visual novel game ^^. Thanks for Humble Bundle Sekai Project, I can buy many great visual game for $12. For that, I will be grateful for Humble Bundle and Sekai. First I want to say that I really like this game. The story is about the journey of Princess Selphine and her bodyguard Reighnvasta to escape from Kingdom Rughzenhaide after have been attacked by powerful shadowy group. This game is treat for people whom like science fiction and fantasy story. It was quite rare for that kind of story after all.

I have to say that the animation, visual, music, story, etc is amazing. I cannot find anythings to complain besides the short story ^^. Fault Milestone One tell story about girl named Rune and tragic story within it. It was located on Outer Pole. The story is very sad. I will be honest, I cried when I play the game. Fortunately, it ends with happily ever after type ending. Meanwhile Fault Milestone Two located on Inner Pole. It tells story about twins that was played by fate. In Fault Milestone Two, we also know more about Selphine other "path down personality" named Lady Rhegan, Second Queen of Rughzenhaide and other characters from Rughzenhaide. Both game have great and sad story. But I prefer the first one. Just my preference though. 

Unlike Cinderella Phenomenon, in this game you don't have a choice. It was quite linear. It was an adventure type story after all. Some people will call it kinetic novel games. Still, it was amazing. Even until today, I still like to play the song directly from the gallery. I really like it. Maybe if I have to point the negative is it was quite short and doesn't have any replay ability value.  I mean after you finished it, you don't have a feeling to replay it again. Overall, I really recommend this game for people who like to play visual novel game or just read beautiful and sad story. Anyway, cannot wait for the next sequel. Hope developer will release Fault Milestone Three not too long in the future.

Rating : 9 of 10 stars


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