Thursday, August 31, 2017

Book Review: Ten tiny breaths series by K.A. Tucker (2012)

Book 1: Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker


This is the love story between Kacey and Trent. Kacey has lost her parents and bestfriend and her boyfriend during car accident many years ago. It turtn that Trent is in the car of someone who crush Kacey' car. Dr Stayner as Kacey and Trent' shrink help them to forgive each other and start their romance.

Rating: 4/5

Book 2: One Tiny Lie by K.A. Tucker


Livie as Kacey' sister always plan for her life. She wants to live the life that her parents might be proud of her. She wants to enter Princeton and be pediatrician. After she met Ashton, she fall in love with him while she still in relationship with Connor, Ashton' roomate and Livie' life was about to change after she had first night with Asthon. Dr Stayner help Kacey get through when her life is about to fall.

I feel like Dr. Stayner role in Livie' life is really unnecessary. What Livie been through as a college student is realy normal in my opinion.

Rating: 3/5

Book 3: Four seconds to lose by K.A. Tucker


At first, this story was interesting but the ending I think its pretty rush or just not really as I was expected. Cain in love with Charlie because she remind him of his first love, Penny. She later leave cain, because of his stepfather, Sam keep put her life to danger with his drug business. Later when Cain investigate Charlie, it is known that Charlie is only 18 years old girl and she still accept her and it is unknown her real name beside we know her as Charlie, her fake identity.

Honestly, the idea of story is pretty interesting but the detail is lost here and there.

Rating: 3.5/5

I hope this helps when you want to read K.A. Tucker books. I still read the book 4, Five ways to fall, I will update later when I finish that book.

Note: I slightly read the 0.5 book, title In her wake, I just saw that book in a glimpse, that book is telling about how Trent recover from his traumatic with Dr. Stayner' help. He changed his real name because he can't stand to live as old him and show his struggle to pass his traumatic after cause Kacey lost his family, bestfriends and boyfriend, also him losing his bestfriends. The story is pretty boring for me. But if you really curious what behind Trent' background, I should say you should read this book.

Thanks for reading.



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