Thursday, November 17, 2016

Prose Challenge : Zombie Apocalypse


It’s really a big mess. There are zombies everywhere. Everyone keep saying that Zombie Apocalypse will come but I never believe it until today. I mean zombies are for children right ?! Guess, I am wrong. Now I see zombies with my own eyes. They are roaming in the street and chasing every human beings they see. I should have listened and build the bunker. Now, I don’t know what to do. I should run away but where. I don't want to become zombies. They are ugly as hell. 

“Calm down”

I take deep breath. First thing first, the zombies haven’t enter my house. But it’s only a matter of time before they do. I should find my emergency bag first. Fortunately, I still have good sense to prepare for emergency situation months ago. Let’s check it once again. My clothes, emergency money, emergency food, emergency contact, passport, travel vouchers, etc are still in there. I just need to contact my parents, family, and close friends to let them know about my situation. 

“Tut Tut Tut”

Great, no signal. The zombies couldn’t possibly have anything to do with this, right ?! Of course they can. What am I thinking. Now, I cannot contact anyone. Well, I have to go. I could always contact them when or .... if I am still alive. Wow, way to raise the spirit. Thanks but no thanks. I can do this. I have to do this. This reminds me the day when I got lost in the forest. It was 3 days before I can find my way home. People say it was a miracle that I were still alive after 3 days. It was said that people who stay overnight in the forest were never found the next day. No one could even found their corpses. It feels as if they just vanishes into thin air. Old legend say that the forest are the meeting point for aliens to come back to their homeland planet. So if the legend was true, it could be those people were kidnapped by the aliens. Now is not the time for this. 

“I’ve managed to book the airplane ticket at last”

Don’t ask me how I can book the ticket. I don’t even remember what I did one minute ago. Anyway, maybe this is my last entry. I love this diary. As far as I remember, I’ve been with this diary for my whole life. Unfortunately I cannot bring it with me. I cannot take chance it will get destroyed in my dangerous journey. I will leave this diary in my secret place when I want to hide something. If somehow, someone managed to find this diary. Please read and take care of it. Please pray me luck. Hope you guys are safe too. 


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