Saturday, November 19, 2016

Goodreads Choice Award 2016

Dear all,

Time have passed so quickly. I still remember the day when I quit my job on January 2016 and now it was already the end of year. I still remember most of the time what I did or do not did. Full of up and down. Stop talking about me. Now talking about the end of year, once again it was the time for "Goodreads Choice Award 2016". Every year I try to vote the books in category that I am interested. But now, I am gonna try to vote in every category based on synopsis, rating, cover design, etc. I believe great book should have the complete package. My best friend "Selene" also vote this year. This is the first time she vote on Goodreads and I am really proud of her.  Now, there are many great and interesting books in this award. Some of them have been eliminated in previous round. Whichever book win the award, for me every book is the winner because I can feel the love and hard work from its authors, editors, publishers, reviewers, designer, and other people involved. To date, there's already 3,000,000+ votes and it will keep increasing until the end. The final round voting will last until Nov 28, 2016 (more or less) because I don't live in US so there must be difference in time zone. 

So, for all book readers, you may like or don't like Goodreads Choice Award and it was understandable. But for book readers that want to vote in Goodreads Choice Award, you can go to Goodreads Choice Award 2016. Anyway, please don't take it seriously. Just be yourself and choose the book that you like. Have a nice fun everyone ^^


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