Monday, November 14, 2016

Book review: The Deal #1, The Mistake #2

The Deal#1


This is the first book of the off-campus series by Elle Kennedy. 
This book tells love story between Hannah and Garret
Garret failed in Ethic course and he needs hannah to help him, in exchange he promises to help Hannah get to Justin, the boy whom Hannah had crush on.
During the process, Garret and Hannah had feeling for each other.

The mistake#2

This book tell the love story between Logan and Grace. Logan has crush on Hannah, which is his bestfriend's girlfriend. Logan used Grace as his distraction which is finally give boomerang to himself as Grace is hurted because his act and he had to struggle to prove to Grace that she is the one that he loves.  

These two books are bittersweet love story that makes you keep reading.
The story also well written and will not bored you. I am not really into college life or college love story but this book just good for my escape from reality bites.
If you are in college, this is the best romantic novel you can find. in the market.
If you are not in college, like me, this novel still good for your reading, it will give you romantic feeling and just to chill. 

Book Rate: 4/5

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