Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Prose Challenge #49 : Broken

People say I should finish my journey
But many things stand in my way
The break shattered my heart and crushed my soul

I was too broken to keep following my mind 
I am not gonna be okay

You say everything's gonna be fine
But the truth is nothing ever will
I cannot turn back
Everything was beyond repair

I try to build myself
Slowly pieces by pieces
There's a saying that time will heal everything
The sad reality is nothing gonna be the same
It is what it is

You cannot imagine my pains and regrets
Those feelings stay in my heart
I hope someday you will understand
I really was just too broken 

Nb : I made this poem in response for the prose challenge #49
with theme "We Are Broken". Hope you like it. I welcome constructive feedback ^^


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