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Book review: The Fragile Ordinary (2018)


Comet Caldwell is ordinary girl who loves book very much and likes to experiment with her clothes. She just feel her life is as boring as she is until she meet Tobias King, who makes her life and her feeling upside down.


I understand the world of Comet Caldwell, I've been there when I was a teenager. It's like turn back time to where all I was thinking is just fiction books and clothes. Comet always wonder how kisses and hugs and intimate with guys feels like, will those be similar to romance books she read? I think almost every girl has that kind of curiousity.

Since she'd met Tobias King, she felt her world rocked upside down. Tobias befriend with Stevie who is drug addict and his fellows who did the same. They did not care about study and act as rebellious students, like mocking the teachers and made dirty jokes. Since Comet loved Tobias so much, she tried to befriend with Stevie, until she felt that she can't accept the drug habit of Steview, she wants to  cut her friend relationship with Stevie and his crew. Apparently they dislike the act of both Tobias and Comet. So they keep torment both of them with nasty acts and words. Comet and Tobias tried their best to endure their nasty behaviours.

Comet herself has problem with her parents. She felt her mother had jealousy issues towards her and treating her like a stranger. She never care about Comet. All her mother care just her husband, Kyle. Even her parents asked Comet to call them by name directly. So when Comet met Tobias, she felt that he is her source of love, the only one who can fully love her. Until oneday, something bad happens to Steview and they lost him and this changed the life of others who ever know Stevie, including Tobias and Comet.

This book has a good plot and writes the emotion of Comet towards Tobias beautifully. I always liked Samantha Young' writting, including this one. I like Comet's poetries. Anyway, I never see something like Comet' parents issue, where a mother is always asked her husband attention very much and Kyle as her husband follow what she wants and they are very romantic until they forget about Comet. It's sound surreal for me. Most of what we see these days is parents who loved their kids too much until they forget to be together again and become distant with each other.

Overall, this is a good book if you're looking into romance or high school romance books or even just family romance books, you definitely have to grab this one.

Rating : 4.2/5

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