Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Street Drawing: 3D

Hewoo guys.

Well, you might be confusing why i don't use Indonesian like my fellow blogger, Angela Lyner. Well, i speak both English and indonesian, so i try to do both languages here. The reason why i'm using English because it's more international so people from anywhere in this bigger world could dropped and read it. Anyway, you can call me Selene. The reason of this, just because i have great respect of Greek ancient mythology and i love that name and i will indicate Selene as my signature so you could know its me who's writting the post.

Weeks ago, i went to JEM shopping centre at Jurong East, Singapore and i found this street drawing. It'd been said this is the first winner's crafts. Lets take a look:

It said 3D drawing. Well i love the drawing, its cute. I become more intrigue about 3D drawing and goggling around and i found this as my favorite:

Wow.. looks so real and fantastic, rite? Nowadays, i realize peoples like to draw something more 'real' to draw your attention, pedestrians :)

I hope in the future i could give any good information or anything interesting. Nice to share with you all.



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