Friday, August 3, 2018


I want you to know
I am sinner
To fulfill my dreams
I cast aside my conscience
Close my eyes to not see the reality

Everthing I did
I did it out of love
I want you to be happy
Even if I have to live this unbearable life
Suffering until the end

I choose the evil path
Sold my soul to the devil
For my wish to be granted
I wonder whether it's worth it
I wonder what you think about it

Several times I want to stop
Walking this treacherous road
Only to continue
Because I cannot turn back
Stopping is not an option
We don't have that privilege

No one at fault
For not able to live happy life
That's just our fate
Something we cannot control
No amount of regret can change

We do what we have to do
Not because we believe it's right
But because that's what we know
How to continue our life
We live in this world after all

Right or wrong
This is our life
Not an ideal one
Still cannot be left behind
We can only dream for better one
Someday in the future

What goes around comes around
We cannot always be right
Much less win in this life
As long as we do our best
God will do the rest


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