Friday, January 19, 2018

Game Review : G-Senjou No Maou (The Devil on G-String)




Dear All, 

Now I would like to review one if not the best visual novel that I ever played until now. The game was called G-Senjou No Maou (The Devil on G-String). Well, here we goes

The story is about cat and mouse fight between "Maou" (terrorist that plot to destroy Sannou corporation) and Usami Haru (girl that want to catch Maou). Between them, there's Azai Kyousuke (Yakuza's foster son that was adopted to pay his family debt). What kind of relationship that will be made between Maou, Haru, and Kyousuke ?! That's the premise of this game.  

Some people say that G-Senjou No Maou was death note for visual novel. Well, I can say that it was quite right. I mean mind battle between Haru and Maou certainly remind us about Yagami Raito and L. It certainly make us tense about who's gonna win at the end. But somehow, we know that the good guy will triumph the bad guy. Anyway, it was good except for the last ending (before the epilogue). I mean I prefer Code Geass ending instead of Death Note ending. But of course, it was much more satisfying than Death Note. Personally I feel it was a little too rushed but the epilogue made up for it. Anyway, the epilogue is very nice. It was sad and beautiful, unfair and also "fair" at the same time. I find that I am crying at the end especially when the song is very sad. 

Anyway, the music is very good. and The graphic is outstanding. The characters are amazing. They have their own problem and psyche. Unfortunately I only play the voiceless version. But if you were gonna play it, I suggest play with the voice version, especially since the voice actor is none other than the famous Jun Fukuyama. Still personally I prefer if they use Kousuke Toriumi because I think his voice is more suitable for calm and collected "Maou" than Jun Fukuyama deep voice. I don't know why but at the end, his voice is quite deep. 

There are 4 heroines that you can choose in this game. But only 1 that will led to true ending. And you will know who. Personally, I haven't play the other routes besides our main couple because I want to know true ending. I can say that the writer know human psychology quite well to make twisted story like this. I am glad that Sekai Project decide to translate this game into English. I mean it was quite shame for great game not to be known and appreciated worldwide. 

I really recommend this game for people who like Death Note. Hope the game writer make another great game like this. From what I know, Sekai is already in the process of translating the other game from the same writer and company which is "Sharin No Kuni". I am really looking forward to the game. I know that I am not alone. 

Rating : 10 of 10 stars


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