Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Film Review: The Battle of Sexes (2017)


Billy Jean King is not number 1 woman tennis player after Margaret Court beat her. Yet, she struggles for the equality of man and woman rights in tennis world. She felt insult when Bobby Riggs beat Margaret Court and proclaim that man is above woman and that woman should be in kitchen. She challenges Bobby and both of them have Battle of the sexes to thave equal rights between man and female tennis players.


I have to admit that it is hard to find good movies these days, yet this film is stealing my heart. Beside Emma Stone' outstanding acting in this film too. This film tells about Billy Jean King' love life and her career. This film exposed Billy Jean' lesbian with her hairdresser too. She challenges Bobby Riggs and She wins all the three sets.

She proved that all Bobby Riggs' said all was wrong. Women should have same chance in tennis career and that man and woman are equal. I liked the idea that she raised. The message of this film is well delivered and the struggling feeling you could sense from Billy Jean.

I really recommend this film if you are looking for good movie.

Rating: 7/10

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