Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Film Review: Brad' status (2017)


Brad work in non-profit organization. One day, he was accompanied his son, Troy to Boston for Harvard' interview. Then He met his old friend, Craig Fisher. Brad start to question himself, what He really wanted in life.


This story focus on Brad' point of view. Brad start to have insomnia thinking about his life. He likes to see social media and start to compare his life with his old friends.

One day he accompanied his son, Troy for Harvard' interview. His son apparently forgot his interview
the wrong day. Brad tried to call his old friend who is professor at Harvard and finally his son can get second chance to be interview with his favorite lecturer there.

During the whole process, Brad learnt that not all looks good seems to be perfect life. This film has good idea but it is quite not sure what message of this film. Beside, Brad' kid appeared too quiet in this film, I don't know if he tried to be funny but it is not funny either. Seems the ending of this film is not really end for me.

Overall quite entertaining film to fill your weekend movie day.

Rating: 6.5/10

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