Monday, April 25, 2016


When we were young, we were taught to keep our faith.
We walk by faith.
Faith means you trust in whatever you believe, 
that nobody could take it from you, whatever happens.
but that means nothing without examination
yes, life examinations.
only by examinations, there would be selection 
nature eliminations
those who endure the last, he/she really live by faith.
faith means trust without being seen
faith means trust without being known
faith means trust and calm and trust something big and something good ahead of us 
faith means never stop trusting 
faith means never give up

Today is my last day I saw my couple of years boss, 
i was there to pack my stuffs and say good bye to him.
He was so easygoing, unlike me who trying to keep my feeling while doing something logically have to be done soon (packing my personal stuffs).
When we are destined to meet somebody, 
there is destination where farewell happened
nothing last forever. happiness wont last forever, same as well as sadness.
while you with him/her, you should enjoying and make it to the fullest.
I am not talking about my boss, i am talking about people connection in general.
I believe we are destined to have purpose in life.
something that we do not understand now and hard, but by trusting everything is happened or destined for our great goodness, we will find happiness. never stop doing good and walk by faith.
I am talking to myself, too. this is reminder to myself. Life is too good to be wasted.
who knows what happens in 10 years time, one day i might or not might have a chance to see this post and remind myself or maybe laughing myself that why small things made me down. 
I want to be better person. 

I like word "Allegiant", ah yes, Theo James is very sexy man and handsome. but not because of that :)
the meaning of word "Allegiant" is 

To Veronica Roth, the term allegiant means"one who is loyal or faithful to a particular cause or person" 

Let us be faithful to what we trust and believe. 
I believe each of us has different life purpose.
I believe something good will happens in everyone life.
nothing is more than we can bear. 
always remember that "Life is beautiful"
peoples can always steal any goods and stuffs from you
but peoples can not steal your 'good' mindset, attitude and faith
I think that's what life's worth and good assets for yourself
that's the biggest thing you could give to yourself.

thats the end of my words for today.

love & peace,


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