Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Book Review: The Man in the Black Suit (2017)


Acacia acts as replacement for her colleague Marcel to serve the most prestigious and attractive man named Nicholas Cassirer. She both irritated and captivated to his charms.


This is the first time I read Sylvain Reynard' novels. Unlike most novel I read who shows the real name of the author. Sylvain Reynard is just a pen name of anonymous Canadian writer. I can say this novel has a good writting skills and plot. Beside, this novel also tells other things beside love including culture differences, religions, language and thoughts.

Acacia just works for few months as a concierge. When her colleague named Marcel has been attacked, she acts as his replacement. She has to deal with the honored guest Pierre Breckman. She was irritated with his temper. Later when she saw Pierre Breckman covered the lost art, she reported him to her ex boyfriend Luc. Luc brought his agent Brb to investigate further but at the end release Pierre Breckman with the reason its reproduction painting. This incident caused Acacia to be demoted as night shift concierge and threateaned to be fired by her manager. She later meet the work agency and apparently find Nicholas Cassirer as the man behind that. She learnt that Nicholas Cassirer is the real name of Pierre Breckman. Nicholas offered Acacia a job as his assistant which she refused. Oneday, after Acacia night shift' ends, she's being attacked by anonymous man, Nicholas' security saved her and Nicholas insist Acacia' need to get away for a while. While they were in Santorini, both of them falling in love and they started their relationship. Yet their relationship hit the rocky point when Acacia fight Nicholas' urge to kill his enemy. Acacia thought revenge is only open more violent and killing others instead of finding end or peace. Eventually Nicholas understand what Acacia' point of view. They accept the differences between them, Acacia is half jordanian and muslim  , whereas Nicholas is jews. They can accept the differences and stand for their love.

I think the ideas and the problems of Nicholas and Acacia' relationship is pretty matured. I like their love story. This is beautifully written by Sylvain Reynard. I recommend this book if you're looking into deep love story.

Rating: 4/5

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