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Book Review: The Vastness of Us (2017)


When India Maxwell' mother Hayley decide to married a guy, India have to follow her mother plan. There she will live with her new stepfather Theo and his daughter, Eloise. Unexpected things happen and Finn, Eloise' boyfriend seems disliked her very much.


I think this is more likely as fiction novel than a romance novel from one of my favorite author, Samantha Young. The story is India is moving to Boston with her mother, Hayley. Hayley decide to married a wealthy man named Theo Fairweather and lived with him and his daughter Eloise. Eloise' boyfriend Finn Rochester seemed to disliked India and Eloise' friend seemed to back Eloise very much.

At first, India feels really lonely but as time passed, she started get to know Finn, Eloise' boyfriend. I feel like India is a bit aggresive to be Finn' friend because she felt she felt Finn had the same abusive father as she had. she had they had similar past and can be good friends because of that. Of course Finn seemed shocked. Later, when they kissed and India started to get away because she realize Finn is Eloise' boyfriend and she did not want to hurt her stepsister, Finn told her that Eloise is a gay and they just pretend their relationship because Finn want to put his father behind his back and Eloise can hide the truth that she is gay.

When things get tough because everyone accused India was stealing her stepsister' boyfriend, she asked Theo to help Finn. Theo decide Finn had to stay with his grandparents. It means that India had to have long distance relationship with Finn. She accepted it because she thought the most important things that Finn had the freedom from his father. That the right ending can be the happy ending too.

What confused me is the way Bryce, Eloise' friend can eavesdropped what Eloise talked to India in India' room and know that she is gay and spread the news through social media. It is kinda really nuts for me. I hope there is another drama, they all get to know about Eloise' sexual orientation than this way. Other than that, I think this is a pretty good frienship family drama book you can read this year. I recommend if you like frienship or family fiction book or if you like high school life book, You can try this. The writting is good, as usual. Samantha is good at the story plot. I enjoyed the story plot.

Rating: 4/5

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