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Book Review: Play On (2017)


Nora O'Brien had bitter past, she had to take care her sick dad and her mother work double job to cover their life. She married Jim at age 18 without know what she really wanted in life. Later Jim dead because brain aneurysm. She once meet music producer named Aidan Lennox but she married at that time. Later she meet again with Aidan yet after that, there is some issues and Aidan left her. They meet again later after 18 months and Aidan really mad with her and she had no idea what is really going on between them.


I really can't wait to read this book. First it is written by one of my favorite author Samantha Young and second it is the new series after On the Dublin Street series which I really liked so much. What I liked about this book is this book described Nora' thoughts really well, like what Nora really thinks about her future and what her doubts and worry about pursuing her love with Aidan. Nora had mature  thought like she wanted to feel self sufficient and self contentment by herself first. So, she did not seek self contentment from Aidan. Its really mature thought and quite unbelievable it is come from 22  year old girl named Nora O' Brien. I still thinking Nora should be age 27-28 with that maturity.

I like how they meet again at children hospital, while Aidan is Sylvie' uncle and they started to have feeling for each other. Its all sweet until Aidan childhood' friend Laine started created whole lies to separate them. I feel this Laine is really annoying. She disrupted their love-making two times and I can't believe how she created big lies and still both Aidan and Nora just believe her without really doubt and separate them for 18 months. I mean even Seonaid (Nora' friend and ex sister in law) knows Aidan was looking for her but lied to Nora and the next day after that "Big drama lies" created by Laine, Nora went back to Indiana her home at states. Why don't Nora stay at Scotland and wait Aidan at the studio or do some weird stalking to make sure what Laine said is right? I mean Laine is mean woman and Nora knew it. It just does not make sense to me. About Nora' father that keep the big sum of money for himself also did not make any sense to me. How could a father keep his daughter from school and let her waitresses and ruin her future? Honestly this does not make sense to me her father could do that to her, while it is pretty clear her father loved her so much.

Other than that, I enjoyed Nora and Aidan love story. I prefer they played more "love games", because they are sweet together and I prefer the story longer because the ending of this book is pretty rush for me. I hope there is a second book about Nora and Aidan' love story with pretty solid problem. Hopefully the author would continue this series with more realistic and serious problem. I still recommend this book if you liked romance book.

Rating: 4/5

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