Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Book Review: Hart's Broadwalk series by Samantha Young


Jessica Huntington served as doctor in woman prison. One day she found love letters from Sarah the prisoner to someone in Hartwell. Out of curiousity, she decided to deliver the love letters by herself. In Hartwell, she met the pub owner Cooper Lawson and fall in love with him. She found out what she really want in life.


Honestly this book is different than what I excpected from 'On the Dublin street' series. I love 'On the Dublin Street' series. Still, Samantha Young is one of my favorite author. I like her taste of romance.
I like how sweet the story between Jessica and Cooper. It provokes a lot of emotion here.

The thing that bother me is that I am not really enjoy that the every 'Cooper' chapter is told from third party point of view. I prefer it writes from Cooper' point of view rather than third party or writer' point of view. It is kinda disturbing for me. I prefer it is told from Jessica point of view alone or if writer decide to write from Cooper' POV, then writes it in Cooper' POV.

Rather than that, I enjoyed this book. Even tough I think this is not the best book of Samantha Young asI expected. Cooper Lawson is not hero-ine like Braden Carmichael. He is just ordinary pub owner. As I was reading, I realize he will not be my favorite man. Maybe for Jessica, but not for me.

Rating: 3.5/5


Bailey Hartwell is the owner of the inn she inherited. She disliked arrogan sexy businessman Vaughn Tremaine at first. Yet slowly, they started to love each other rather than hate.


I can see in this book, author tried to create more hero-ine alpha man character like Braden Carmichael in 'On the Dublin Street' series. Yet, I do not think it is success. Frankly said, I feel Vaughn Tremaine character is more likely as Christian Grey in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' series.
I disliked that the character of Vaughn Tremaine is not that strong and even the reason he scared to be fall in love is also not that reasonable enough for me.

The passion of love between Bailey and Vaughn might be the highlight of this book. Yet, I want more than just passion of love between them. I did not enjoy this book as the first book (Jessica and Cooper). The writting of the book is okay as I like Samantha' way of writing. I suggest the next book of this series will be Emery' love story and I expected some story that more original and have strong characteristic. Yet, if you want to know what happens between Cooper and Jessica, you can read this book, because they have the wedding at Vaughn' hotel. You can continue to know their story in this book.

Rating: 3/5.

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