Thursday, December 7, 2017

TV series : Xuan Yuan Sword Han Cloud

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It's been a very long time since I last review my favorite TV series. Now I want to review another great one. I really like this show. It was called Xuan Yuan Sword Han Cloud. Yes, it was China period TV series, more likely fantasy period series. It was adapted from popular game. This is the sequel from Xuan Yuan Sword Rift of the Sky. But personally I like this one much better because the story is mature and sad. Now what's special about this TV series ? Let's get to it. 

Xuan Yuan Sword Han Clouds tell story about Xuan Yuan Sword. Basically, the famous divine sword used by Xuan Yuan Emperor to seal Demon lord, have been shattered into 2 parts and become human. They are Fen Yang from Fei Yu (Yao Han) and Muyun from Tanque (Xiao Yue). The only way for the sword to become one again is for both of them to kill each other. Tragically, both of them are siblings that have been separated since childhood. Their journey in this story is full of pain and suffering. There are many people die in this story. But fortunately, at the end, they can overcome their differences and bring peace to the world. 

I really like the characters. I mean all characters really served their purpose. And the actors really play it very well. One character I like the most is Muyun, played by Alan Yu Menglong. I think he is the most sympathetic character in this story. His life is tragic and you can feel his pain and feelings. Besides, the actors have an accident when filming. From what I heard there's accident involving flying scene and as the result, he has 5 fractured bones. And only after 1 week that he already back to work. What dedication. I really respect that. 

About the song, I don't quite like the opening. It's not bad but not great either. It was unfortunate. But I really like ending song. Quite sad. One thing I like about the production team is they let their actors song the sound track. I really respect that whether I like it or not. 

Even though I really like it, there's certain aspect that can be improved. It was the animation. Seeing that this is adapted from game, I can say that standard is quite good but of course below high budget TV series. Still, I take what I can get. I am glad they make this series. I really like it. Hope someday they can make another great story like this. 

Rating : 9.5 of 10 stars


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