Thursday, September 28, 2017

Film Review: A Family Man (2016)


Dane Jensen work as headhunter in company. He need to reach the target or he could lost his job. He worked very hard to keep the target given by his boss. He even doesn't have time for his family. One day, his son is diagnosed with cancer. He starts to spent much time with his family and begin to prioritize what is important in his life.


The idea of this film is good to remind hard working man to spent more time with his family before it is really taken away from him. This film is really dominated by the acting of Gerard Butler, he really gives his best in this film.

I enjoyed this film, how Dane and his wife, Elise fight over what is important to be prioritized. They often caught fight of who makes more money and who covers for the family. Elise spent her time as a full time three kids mom, while Dane has career as succesful headhunter. While Dane is pretty arogant when fight over who makes more money, Dane himself is a good headhunter, he never give up to help Lou, a 59 years old who always get rejected worked in anywhere because of his age.

Dane spent much time with his son Ryan, after he is diagnosed with cancer and because of this, his boss ed fire him. After get fired, Dane create his own headhunter company at home and spent his time  for his family.

While the story is pretty good, I really did not feel the climax of this film, I expect some real climax at the ending, but it just ends like that and I pretty dissapointed with the ending. I mean in real life, who does not want to work at home and spent much time with family? While in reality, life can't be that easier. Life expenses keep running like water flowing. Let's say, Dane started new company, with his wife as full time mom and three kids, how long Dane' savings could covered for all of them until his business succeed ? That's why I think the ending is too fairy tale and not really impress me. Yet, I still recommend this film if you like Gerard Butler or you like drama or family melodrama.

Rating: 6.5/10

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