Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin Wedding (W&R) (Part 1)

Dear guys,

I am sorry it have been a long time since I post an article. Now I would like to share the happy news. Maybe some of you already know that today is Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin wedding days. They are married in Bvlgari Hotel & Resort Bali. Yesterday is their welcome dinner party. Now is wedding ceremony. Many Huomis and Ruby fans are very happy to celebrate today event. They event make video to let Wallace and Ruby know about their blessings. You can see it here

video : Huomis blessing to Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin wedding

Here is some of their photos

Wedding dinner after ceremony

Prewedding Photos

Huan Zhu Ge Ge three sisters

Cocktail party

Hu Ge and FBB fight for the bouquet

Wedding kiss

Wedding ceremony

Wedding bouquet, who will get it ???? The answer is Ruby cousin. Congratulations

Ruby in Chinese wedding dress, very beautiful 

Wallace and his best man (aka his best friend and manager Mr. Lian Jun Jie)

Wallace and his beautiful wife Ruby Lin

Wallace give hongbao about 660 Yuan to reporters

Huomis change their profile into this picture to celebrate Wallace and Ruby marriage

Wedding dinner venue

Their wedding venue 

Wallace and his best buddy (also ex lover) Hu Ge ^^

Bvlgari wedding sign post

Wallace and Ruby with their friends (group photos)

Wedding buggy

The girls villa (with Ruby name in the pillows)

Wedding lovely snack

Wedding gift souvenir from SKII and The Beast

Ruby and the girls at bachelorete party

Wallace introduce his new wife to his relatives and friends

Wedding ring

Wallace and Ruby wedding card

That's just some of their photos. I will update again. Please stay tuned to the update.


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  1. They look lovely and beautiful couple, pretty bride and handsome groom.. happy wedding :) -S-


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