Monday, May 7, 2018

Game Review : Fatal Twelve

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Dear All, 

I am glad that I can play this game when I still can. After all, I doubt that I can play this game in the near future. I already know that I will like this game since I see it on Kickstarter and it really delivers. 

Fatal Twelve. The name really befitting its story. This game tell story about twelve people who died at the same time and now appear in Court of fate to revive once again should they managed to become the last person in Court of fate. One way or another, it was chunige. I know it can also be moege and yuri one though. But since romance is not the theme, I can live with it. 

I really like the graphic. It reminds me of Saga Frontier. It uses hand drawing style instead of computer graphic for the characters. It makes it more lively. I appreciate it. The sound is sad and beautiful. It's not too outstanding but it really emotes the story very well. I am a little disappointed since it is not in extra. Fortunately you can buy the OST as DLC. Cannot wait for it. The characters are great though. I mean all of them have backbone but it was understandable since it was the most important for the plot. Otherwise, the game lost half of its strength. Last but not least, I think the story is the greatest aspect, especially the ending. It was very sad and touching. Prepare some tissues before playing this game. Of course, it could have been better with longer and more complex story. But I think its quite good already. Before I forget, this game reminds me of Sorcery Jokers in term of philosophy. So that's a plus in my eyes. 

In light of my experience playing this game, I really recommend this game for visual novel fans, even for yuri haters. It was really minimum. No sex or kiss or whatever. 

Rating : 9 of 10 stars


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