Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Who knows

Once upon a time
There are two roads in front of us
Some people say choice is dangerous
Because it means you cannot turn back
Still we choose to be brave
And belive in our hearts
One day we can reach the stars

But all who enter the stars dies
For the truth it belies
We were trapped in fate
Unable to be truly free
Even though our hearts are right
Still we commit the sins
The sins cannot be forgiven
But we can only move on because of that sins.

No words can express the feelings
Not even the fallen tears 
There are too many things to be said
But don't know how to say it
Everythings stay in my heart
But it's okay
Because you can say it

There's no end to sadness
Only an everflowing pain
Pain that we know very well
But will never get used to
Because this heart will never accept nor denied
These shattered feelings
Tear each other apart
Only you want everyone to get along

We want peace
But these hearts won't let go
Our fate cannot be changed
Still we never give up
Chasing our dreams mean suffering
Too many things have been broken
Except you choose to leave the past behind

Can we enter the stars ?
Can we still be alive and achieve our dreams ?
Is this all fate ?
Can our hearts be truly free ?
These lingering questions
And our contradictory life
Our contradictory feelings
Who knows the answers


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