Sunday, October 22, 2017

Game Review : Root Double Before Crimes After Day Xtend edition

Dear All,

It's been long time since I last review visual novel games. I have just finished my last game which is Root Double Before Crimes After Days. I don't know how to explain the games. It just wonderful. I mean after playing many visual novel games, you kind of expecting more and more. And I can say with confidence that Root Double Before Crimes really deliver what I want. It was just that great. Well, the game itself is quite unique. I mean basically there are 2 protagonists. The first one is Watase Kasasagi, Elite Rescue Squad Captain and the second one is BC junior high school Natsuhiko Tenkawa. They don't know each other but their path crossed when the event in the game happened. The story is about what truly happened at LABO when there are many explosions. Is it nuclear meltdown ? terrorist ? sabotage ? or something else. The truth is darker than what have been told. Everyone have their own mystery and secrets. 

You can only find the truth after you finish all the routes. Basically there are 4 routes. The first route is what's happening at the moment. It was told from Watase perspective. The second routes tell story several days before it happened from Natsuhiko perspective. The third routes tell about the first route from Natsuhiko perspective. And the last route (maybe ???) is everyone working together to solve the problem. Why I said maybe ?? Because until I make this post, I still haven't finished the true ending. Why ?? I try to get the true ending but it was quite confusing. There are so many options (in the name of sense sympathy) that you have to make. One mistake and you were strayed from the path of true ending. I doubt people can get true ending without walk through. But from what I read about true ending, it really worth it. Hopefully I can get the true ending soon. The game itself is quite long. I mean even after playing for about 35 hours, I still haven't managed to get true ending and playing xtend episodes. 

The graphic and the music is really memorable. I mean the mood of the game really amplifies because of the music. I doubt the experience will be that great without the music. Another great aspect is voice acting. The developer (Yesti, Regista) really spare no expense for the voice acting. I applaud the seiyus for giving great performance. This is one hell of great visual novel. I can imagine the staffs pour all their efforts to make this awesome game. 

Of course despite all great points about this game, I still have some criticism. First, it was quite difficult. I don't mean difficult in sense of moving forward. More like difficult in terms to get true ending. You kind have to replay it again and again. Fortunately there's skip and jump. Still it feels like an unnecessary obstacle. Second, some people may not like the story. and ending. How to say this, it feels quite naive and yet provocative at the same time. But I cannot explain it clearly. I may not being rational here. Overall, I really recommend this amazing and unique visual novel. Cannot wait for another game from this developer. 

Rating : 9.5 of 10 stars


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