Saturday, July 29, 2017

Film review: Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)


Sarah Marshall dumped his 5 years boyfriend Peter Bretter. Sarah moved on with her new boyfriend, Aldous Snow. Later When Peter Bretter decided to go to Hawaii to release his stress, he met Sarah and her new boyfriend Aldous Snow. They both tried hard to make each other jealous just trying to get the winner.


This film is entertaining, I like Jason Segel as Peter Bretter, he is really hilarious. I liked when he cried over Sarah. Later Peter meet hotel concierge Rachel.  At first, Peter just use Rachel to move on from Sarah, but later they become engage in serious romantic relationship. Later Sarah Marshall had ugly fight with Aldous Snow that caused them to break up and when Sarah tried to get back to Peter, Peter denied her, saying they are over and she caused big damage to him.

Overall, this film is sweet and entertaining. You should watch it if you liked romantic comedy film like I am.

Rating: 7/10



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